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Nov 01 2014

Halloween 2014

So I really had no intentions of dressing up for Halloween this year until October 28th, 4 days before Halloween.

The kiddies kept asking me what I was going to be, what would my costume look like, if I got it at Party City,  and well not really having an answer for them I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

Unintentionally, that got them very excited. They all ooo’d and said “Ms. Tung is going to surprise us!”
And that’s when I fell into peer pressure.

Went home, immediately looked for costumes and even ordered expedited shipping.
I was to be a housefly.

Sadly, I came to school and none of my kids could recognize what I was. They all thought I was either a butterfly or a bumble bee.
And so well, to conclude my thoughts of Halloween of 2014, I write this all to say that this is why Baltimore City needs to give elementary kids a science curriculum.



10414573_10204173638915408_8881663999256761457_n                         Happy Halloween from Ms. Tung’s 204 Homeroom

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