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Nov 01 2014

Halloween 2014

So I really had no intentions of dressing up for Halloween this year until October 28th, 4 days before Halloween. The kiddies kept asking me what I was going to be, what would my costume look like, if I got it at Party City,  and well not really having an answer for them I just smiled and…

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Dec 12 2013

meanwhile at lunch bunch today…

James: Hey Damien, did you hear that Nelson Mandela died? Damien: Yeah, he died at the age of 95 James: Yeah, he died in Johannesburg Damien: Yeah, did you hear the speech Obama made about him? LOL, I dropped my McDonalds snack wrap. My aspiring political scientists. They are only in the 3rd grade <3

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Jul 09 2013

Actually Hello from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! So far, i’ve been here on the East Coast for 22 days though i promise you it feels as if i’ve been here for about 3 months. I kid you not that I just counted the days i’ve been here almost 4 times simply because I don’t believe it’s only…

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